MIND OVER MIRRORS (Chicago) — harmonium/electronics
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Mind Over Mirrors is the solitary reeling of American harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly. Utilizing an Indian pedal harmonium, oscillators, tape delays, and an assortment of synthesizing processors, Fennelly bends slowly-building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains. Folklorist Brendan Greaves may have best summed up Mind Over Mirrors’ “referential compass points—G.I. Gurdjieff’s harmonium improvisations; certain particularly harmonically viscous recordings of Sacred Harp singers; Edward Artemiev’s soundtracks to Tarkovsky films—in its patience, its simultaneously formal and folk aspects, and its sheer, unabashed (if intermittently anxious) beauty, it doesn’t sound much like anything else being made today.”

His fourth album, When The Rest Are Up At Four, was released in September on Immune Recordings, following releases on Digitalis, Hands In the Dark & Aguirre/Gift Tapes.

Fennelly was a founding member of the iconoclastic trio Peeesseye (with Chris Forsyth & Fritz Welch, who released their split LP with Talibam! on Smeraldina-Rima a couple of years ago), is one-third of free jazz unit Acid Birds, and is now a resident of Chicago, IL after living for three years on a remote island in the Salish Sea of Washington State, where the Mind Over Mirrors project was initially developed.

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Richard Comte is a French improvising guitarist. After a very active debut on the 90s alternative rock scene, he entered the conservatory system and eventually continued his studies in jazz and improvised music with Serge Lazarevitch. His explorations cover the full range of sonic possibilities of his instrument, from finger-style classical guitar to preparations and bowed effects, including along the way sound modification by analogue treatments and sound diffusion by custom amplification systems.

Last April Richard released a solo album called Innermap on Coax records. It is a project dealing with the perception and representation of physical space. The memory of towns and cities – and the quasi-organic nature of their networks with their ebb and flow – are central to the work, acting as a metaphor for an internal, mental, cartography.
In this way, the performance of improvised music for guitar offers a succession of interconnected sonic landscapes. Powerful and overwhelming electrical drones saturate the environment; acoustic resonances liberate and open the space to new colours which enable an internal unfolding, a sensitive and immersive sonic experience.


FRIDAY MARCH 14TH @ KDK6 // 20:00
Kleindokkaai 6, 9000 Gent

8 € // first concert starts @ 20:30

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