Linus + Økland/Van Heertum “Felt Like Old Folk” LP / C-variety

LP comes in screen printed open sleeve on heavy 630 gsm kraft stock, insert and heavy PVC outer sleeve. LP art comes in A, B and C-varieties—A, B and C are cut out of one whole screen printed work by artist Ante Timmermans.

Ruben Machtelinckx: acoustic baritone guitar, banjo
Thomas Jillings: tenor & C-melody saxophone, alto clarinet
Nils Økland: Hardanger fiddle
Niels Van Heertum: euphonium

All songs are improvised except Felt by Ruben Machtelinckx

Recorded by Christophe Albertijn on February 14th 2015 at The Rabbitfield, Belgium
Mixed by Werner Pensaert at Linster Studios
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea

Artwork by Ante Timmermans
Photography by Dirk Pauwels
Graphic design & screen printing by Levi Seeldraeyers at Smeraldina-Rima


Price: € 25.00

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