OUT NOW! Alex Monk “Indiscreet Mirror” LP // Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing / Sheldon Siegel split LP

Indiscreet Mirror LP
(Smeraldina-Rima 24)
18 €


Screen printed sleeve in two versions (2 x 100) on heavy white stock, housed in a heavy PVC sleeve. First pressing of 200 copies on gorgeous heavy translucent white vinyl. Graphic design by Levi Seeldraeyers and Marieken Hensen. Screen printing by Smeraldina-Rima.

According to its creator, Alex Monk‘s fourth album —the follow-up to 2010’s wonderful The Safety Machine— “explores the tension between innocence and experience that late adolescence can evoke.” I would say, however, that this is a very personal exploration of a very specific adolescence; one endured in a rural village or small town, introverted and largely alone, one more absorbed in nature, landscape and the changing seasons than social pressures, career ambitions and drunken nights out. Not that I’m suggesting that Alex Monk was a clean-limbed Boy Scout solely occupied by bracing country walks and pure thoughts of a subtly religious nature; the game-changing discoveries of sex, hash and LSD are surely the engines that keep this record turning, buried and unmentioned as they are. But if you’re looking for a well-observed dissection and reflection of contemporary urban teenage existence, then you should probably look elsewhere. If, however, your transition from childhood to young adulthood can be reflected in an impressionistic collage of dream and memory, a sonic patchwork of acid folk and ambient electronics, then step through the looking glass and join Alex Monk on the other side. […]
— Ben Graham, The Quietus

Get it here on our website, or here on our Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the entire album.



(Smeraldina-Rima 22)
18 €


Split LP by Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing and Sheldon Siegel. Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing is the trio of Nate Wooley, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jason Roebke, Sheldon Siegel is the trio of Erik Heestermans, Gerard Herman and Gino Coomans. Two sides of grainy textures and truly happening improv.

This album was a co-production of Smeraldina-Rima and croxhapox. The artwork was made by Berlin-based artist Hannelore Van Dijck resulting in two different LP-sleeves, each sporting two different drawings. The sleeves were screen printed by Smeraldina-Rima on heavy white stock and are housed in a heavy PVC sleeve. Comes with screen printed insert on heavy black stock. Graphic design by Marijke Loozen. Edition of 2 times 200. Pressed on heavy black vinyl.

Get it here on our website, or here on our Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the entire album.





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